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Gmp Upgradation Of Pharmaceutical plants

As today's Industrial environment has grown larger and more complex, our customer's are finding that Project Management is the key to success. Krishna Engineering team provides many advantages - not the least of which is improving the bottom line! It takes the application of knowledge, skills, proper tools, and creative techniques in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.

Specializing in design, engineering, construction, IT, procurement, installation and move management, We has an experienced team of project managers ready to handle a wide variety of projects. Savvy customers demand better products, more budgetary control, and faster services.

Modifications In Existing Plant

The project methodology deployed and trademarked as "OTIS” can deliver a project faster, better, and with less adversity. Based upon our collective experiences, we strive to create an environment where the client's best interests are the first priority. Our entire staff participates with our construction professionals during the project development process and ensures cleaner projects that can be built on time and with fewer costly contractor-driven change orders. We provide fast and reliable project budgets and value-engineering options that positively affect the outcome of the project.

During a construction project, we provide full-time project supervision for aggressive construction scheduling and guaranteed move-in dates. Our superintendents' primary responsibilities are safety, schedule management and quality control. We do our very best at eliminating contractor-requested change orders prior to starting the project.

Mutual trust is the key to project success. Construction doesn't have to be an adversarial process. If our clients request changes, we will do our best to minimize the cost.

Project & Maintenance Work

A "Turn-key" Project is complex in nature, often requiring the involvement of many trades to complete. It is critical that the project team is organized early on in a project and that careful consideration is paid to coordination and management of every phase of a Turn-key Project. Because Turn-key Projects require such intensive planning, coordination, and management, some customers prefer having a single source contact who will be responsible and accountable for the successful coordination and completion of a project.

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