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Quality Policy


    We declare the company's commitment that safety & Occupational Health of the Employees & contract labour is matter of prime concern to the company and the company reiterates its Intention as under.

  • All the statutory requirements pertaining to safety and health prescribed under the provisions of Factories Act and rule shall be complied with.
  • The company shall establish suitable norms for safety and cleanliness, where the employees of the company shall render their services.
  • The company shall give due weightage to each individual's in maintaining Safety and clean environment while evaluating the overall performance report of an employee for his career advancement.
  • The company shall give the same attention to all the person engaged for the work and shall hold them responsible for maintaining safety. Wherever they will be deployed.
  • The company shall adhere to the safety Rules & regulations of the organization in which the Services. Shall be offered.
  • It shall be the company's endeavor to give due consideration to health and safety while buying tools, tackles, machinery etc. The company is also committed to regular Preventive maintenance of its tools and machinery to ensure safety of the personal. The procurement of machines, safety appliances etc. shall confirm to best engineering Standards.
  • The Company shall inform, educate, and impart to the employees from time to time so that they become fully aware about the safety procedure.
  • The company shall make budgetary provision for meeting the safety requirements.

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